Who are the pilots?
We employ only the finest, most experienced pilots around. Currently all were trained and obtained their pilot's licenses in the mountains of Northern Utah and have extensive experience flying in the area. You can read more detailed information in our pilots section.

What is included with my flight?
All flights include a Certificate of Ascension, Champagne and/or Orange Juice celebration afterwards.

Where do we fly?
We fly in Park City and Heber Valley in Northern Utah all year round. Check out our rates page for more information). We fly all around Summit and Wasatch counties in Northern Utah.

Where do we land?
We land wherever the wind and the pilot take us; it may be in a wide open field covered with grass and sage or on a jeep road or clearing. We land in school yards, residential areas and fields. Basically, anywhere where landowners are friendly and the van can reach us to pick up the passengers and equipment.

How high do we fly?
We are able fly low enough to see wildlife such as mule deer and elk, and high enough to see the Salt Lake Valley over the Wasatch Range if the weather allows. With our launch site elevation at 6500 feet MSL (Mean Sea Level), our flights often take us to 11,500 feet MSL, which is over 2 miles above sea level. Most of the flights usually take place within 1000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level); if the upper winds allow, the pilot will take you to 3000 feet AGL or higher, which will afford spectacular views of mountains in the north or views of desert rock formations in the south. If you are not comfortable with the height at which you are flying, the pilot will gladly fly you at a lower altitude if possible.

I am afraid of heights. Should I go?
Unless heights put you in a state of panic, the answer is YES! We get many passengers who are uncomfortable with heights, but balloon flight does not seem to bother them. Because they leave the ground so gradually and gently, they are often 1000 feet up and comfortable before they realize they have left the ground. Most passengers with a fear of heights feel a sense of accomplishment and say they would do it again.

How long is the ride?
Our flights run approximately 1-hour depending on several factors. Because of the many access roads available, we are usually able to stay pretty close to that time. However, sometimes a flight may run a bit longer. This is because we are either having too much fun or it's taking longer to get to a safe and accessible landing site. Sometimes a flgiht will run less. This is because weather conditions dictate it, or we are running out of safe and accessible landing sites. (We really try to run long rather than short, but ballooning is about communing with nature — and sometimes nature just doesn't want to be a willing participant any longer!). This makes the entire excursion about three hours or so.

How many people fit in the basket?
We operate two state-of-the-art Kubicek AX-11 (247,000 cubic foot) and one Cameron AX-11 (250,000 cubic foot) 10-12 passenger balloons and one Balloon Works AX-9 (140,000) cubic foot 6-passenger balloon. We can also offer a basket that holds 2 passengers (and, of course, the pilot) for a very romantic and exclusive flight at additional cost.

Is it windy in the balloon?
No. Because the balloon moves with the wind, the only time one will feel a breeze is if the balloon is going up or down or changing from one direction to another.

What if it we get bad weather?
The flight is cancelled with no charge to the passengers. The pilot gets all available weather information, including a flight briefing from the FAA, in order to determine if conditions are flyable or not.

How do we get back to the launch field or lodging facility?
We will be happy to drive passengers back in one of our trucks or passenger vans.

When do we fly?
We fly early mornings with the sunrise, when the atmosphere is most stable and predictable. We do not operate in winds over 8-10 miles per hour because this makes ground handling of the balloon difficult.

Should I bring a camera?
Yes, Yes, Yes! Bring your camera, video camera and lots of film or digital flash cards!

Is it cold in the balloon?
Not really in summer. Only at the launch site before the flight. In the north, we are in an alpine region. The nights can be cold with frost or dew prevalent in the mornings at the launch site. In the winter we dress the same as for any outdoor activity such as snowmobiling. We recommend you wear layers so you can peel them off as the sun begins warming things up.

What should I wear?
Dress with layers on top, long pants, a sturdy shoe comfortable for standing and walking, sunglasses, and a hat for those of you who are tall.