A Beginning...

The inflation of the balloon!

Once we have selected our launch site, you are welcome to participate in the inflation of the balloon you will fly in. Our experienced crew will instruct you on what to do. You are also free to just wander around and take picture if you like. It's up to you.

Below is a winter balloon inflation. Yes, we even fly in winter! It's not colder than any other outdoor activity.

When inflation is done, passengers are loaded and we're ready for take off!

... the Middle...

A scenic balloon flight!

Nothing is more spectacular than the view from a balloon. Either in summer or winter or anytime in between.

Everyone of all ages will enjoy balloon flight. It's a wonderful family activity.

... the End.

The celebration!

Following every flight, we take time to celebrate our adventure. This includes a short history fo ballooning, the Balloonist's Prayer, and a champagne toast (orange juice is available).

When we get back to our meeting place, everyone gets a flight certificate to commemorate the flight (in the case below, the bride also got a marriage certificate).

During the year we will periodically post new pictures and videos on Facebook (click on the image below to go to our page).